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Super Clean RHD Integra XSi

  It is a rare occurrence that you see a Honda that catches your eye.  With all the Civic’s and Integra’s that you see at every show and meet, it is very difficult for a Honda enthusiast to differentiate themselves from the pack.  William Troche’s imported right-hand drive Integra is the exception.  With 80,000km’s on the odometer, this car for lack of a better term is a virgin.  Completely stock and rust free this is what you call a perfect platform to modify, especially for a 20 year old car.  Having owned others Honda’s such as a ’99 civic hatch and ’97 civic coupe, William is not a “noob” when it comes to modifying cars.  First order of business was modifiy the ride height using K-sport Kontrol Pro coilovers

Original paint, JDM bronze glass, and straight body panels make this car desirable to any Honda Enthusiast

with a Skunk 2 camber kit to dial in the perfect amount of “flushness” without rubbing.  +10 offset was used at all four corners of the Rota off-road grids wrapped in Federal tires 195/40/16.   With the second-generation Integra becoming nearly extinct with all the theft and would-be car tuners hacking up perfectly good Honda’s, it is refreshing to see an owner who wants to enhance attributes of this car without over doing it.

Personal steerining wheels hit main stream a few years ago and have made a lasting impression on the Honda community

Will is already looking to change his wheel set-up once again for a more aggressive stance and it would be his fifth set of wheels.  He as already gone through the likes of bronze Volk TE-37’s, Mugen M7’s, and RC Starks

Will would have liked to have gone lower, however the front subframe is already and inch off the ground


2 responses

  1. brian dobchek

    yo dude all i gotta say is sicc site i totally love the flow of everythin its really flush haha! you gotta keep up the good werk wit it all n shit yano? i feel you bout the integra becomin naerly extinct that shit is rite all da way fo real. neways i see dat you guys are maybe doin parts thats cool wen you gonna set up the site? yea fuck that wheel stance its cool i gues but obv on the other side yo. is this site run by jus by 1 guy or wha? i herd you guys are efileated with 1 day moter sports, that true? but dat strate body panels is off da hook yo. im feelin this site fo real son, cehck it. my boy goes to the meets and i saw the bumper sticker and liked da name. best of lcuk guys you seem legit and ill be trakin ur progres . later guys

    May 12, 2011 at 9:40 PM

  2. Brian, thanks for the kind words. We will be updating on a regular basis, so check back for fresh content!

    May 13, 2011 at 4:10 AM

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