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Never CONTENT (kuh n-tent)

con·tent 2  (kuh n-tent) adj. Desiring no more than what one has; satisfied. 

This is one word that auto enthusiasts are not familiar with. Endless amounts of time and money are spent on cars to get them to the next level. An Euphoric feeling engulfs you when new parts, wheel set-ups, etc are installed and this is why owners are never satisfied with their creations.

Cruising the streets of Orange County New York you will find Dorvan Robinson’s ’02 WRX Impreza.  With its Sonic Yellow coat and zero offset wheels this car breaks necks constantly.  This daily driven machine is not Dorvan’s first creation.  Having always been a fan of the sedan he started off with a ’95 Honda Accord. With a 5 lug swap, lowered with wheels. Dorvan grew tired of Honda’s wanted to try out something new, a ’02 Subaru WRX adorned in Aspen White with an 06-07 front end conversion. After, Mr. Robinson decided that he was not done with Hondas, He then picked up another Accord  and installed an JDM H22 swap that surprised alot of would be street racers.  This car however didn’t make it out of an accident where Dorvan walked away unscathed.

While looking around online for a new daily driver, Dorvan came across another WRX . This one was sourced from the great state of Vermont with only 52,000 original miles.  In order to differentiate himself from fellow Subie owners, Dorvan decided to run fender flares to accommodate the zero offest wheels coupled with 255 rubber.

Dorvan mustered up the courage to cut up his perfect rust free quarters to make a new home for the flares. But like they say, without risk there is no reward. An Impreza RS hood (no scoop), canards, and a menacing front mount finish off the front end of this car. STI Brembos were installed and are called upon frequently for high speed runs and mountain driving. The interior amenities have a minimalist approach.  Gutted rear seats and a boost gauge is all you will find inside, but this owner wouldn’t have it any other way.   With 2 Hondas and 2 Subarus of the same variety, you can see why this article is named “Never Content”.


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  1. psiproformance

    awesome photos man. Check out my blog when you get a chance http://www.psiproformance.wordpress.com

    August 9, 2011 at 1:27 PM

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