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Always Creepin’

OEM body pieces give the S2K an agressive look that isn’t out of place on a street car

If you have been following Keepitflush since its inception, I am sure that you have seen this S2000 on more than one occurance.  Whether the car be randomly posted or in the background behind another car, it has certainly “creep-ed” into a couple of other posts quite frequently.  So why is this Honda everywhere you ask? The answer is simple, it belongs to one of our staff members.

The T1R 63 Sparrow evacuates exhaust gases out of its twin titanium tips

This S2000 only came into the picture due to theft  of an Acura Integra GSR. It was stolen while J. Delagana was at work one day at a local mall.  “While going to school I had no option but to drive the Acura, I could not afford to have a daily at the time”, J.Delagana states.  His Integra wasn’t your run of the mill GSR.  It had a set of Recaro Speeds, Mugen and Spoon Parts, as well as a full paint job, wheels, etc, etc.  The insurance company ruled that the Integra was a total loss and a check was going to be issued for the car.  Not wanting to buy back the car, JDelagana opted for other cars such as the Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Evo MR, but wanting to stay with the H badge the S2000 was the car that he settled on. Espelir Springs paired with Koni Yellows provide a functional drop and the Hawk HP+ pads keep this Honda out of ditches

Since graduating college, this car is now only driven on weekends and nice days, you wouldn’t believe this statement with the 71K+ plus on the odometer.  JDelagana believes that cars were meant to be driven and drives it every chance he gets.  Most s2000’s are rarely driven at all.  There are still plenty of 00-03 s2k’s with less than 40K on them and that is just sad.

Work VS-XX wheels compliment the lines of the S2000 quite nicely

With Labor Day quickly approaching us, it looks like winter is not far away.  This Honda has a few but tasteful modifications on it and will be stored away for the winter.  This isn’t the last time you will see this S2000, it will be back in spring 2012 with a complete makeover.

J’s Racing Radiator cap are some of the small parts in the S2K engine bay


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