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EVENT COVERAGE: H20 Ocean City, Maryland

UPDATE: We like to take this moment and apologize for lack of pics.  Our website had some issues with image storage and now everything is back to normal.  

With going to Import Alliance in Baltimore last weekend, Ocean City was our next stop for H20 International. This annual VW and Audi meet also attracts people with all makes and models of cars.  Cruising Coastal highway, you will find VIP style cars, with STI’s and EVOs.  H20 also attracts  the Honda crowd as well.  Illegal street races and the Ocean City police department pulling over cars seemed to fill the streets of Ocean City. Small gatherings of cars/meets and people outside their hotel rooms snapping rolling shots of passing cars barely clearing the ground was the norm for the weekend.

For the second year in a row the weather has been less than cooperative.  Rain and chance of thunderstorms threatened the event but the rain held off from the show until the late afternoon.  H20 was traditionally held at the Dover Downs racetrack, however the new site venue at a local school of some sort seemed to hold the crowds of people and cars quite well.

Heading down to Ocean City was kind of a last minute decision on my part. Being so tired from the long busy work week driving 5+ hours did not seem very motivating.  Some of our friends got down there on Friday with a hotel room and were persuading me to come down and experience the “scene” or whatever.  Having done a day trip last year and regret doing it, I packed my bags and left at 5pm Saturday afternoon for a solo drive down to Maryland.  Keep in mind that my front tires are shot and my original Honda battery from five years ago is on its way out, I packed up my stock wheel and jumper pack in the trunk just in case I had a problem during the trip.

During the weekend, I neglected to check the status of the camera battery and did not plug it in the night before the show. And you can guess what happened at H20, yep yep the battery died like 30min after we got there. So don’t hate on the lack of coverage of this event. SO here are the pics I snapped of some of the cars, ENJOY!!!

High Resolution Pics (CLICK CLICK)


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