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EVENT COVERAGE: Honda Day 2012 Englishtown, NJ

Honda Day 2012 has come and gone with this event growing each year and more people sharing the passion for everything Honda.  Waking up and leaving at 1am has become the norm if you want to get a “prime spot” in the car show or whatever they call it these days.  I wanted to change things up this year and actually enjoy the event without being excessively tired, so I decided to enter the gates in the later afternoon. Reasoning being is that I am tired of waiting in line for countless hours in which I could be doing better things like sleeping, but also had prior obligations like doing the Warrior Dash event in Northern NY.

For the past six years, I have been driving my 06 S2000 each year to this event, unfortunately it didn’t make it out due to the catalytic converter taking a crap and breaking my o2 sensor in the process.  So cruising in the Nissan Altima while smoking a Montecristo I head down solo to meet up with the crew.

With it being difficult to contact everyone because of dead phones and no chargers, I was fortunate enough to run into a friend of mine Manny T with his RHD DA Integra.  I know this owner personally and it has taken him a long time to get to the point where he is now.  Car I would  say is 90% done with a little details to be addressed but the end result should be nothing short of perfection.

More Integras but of the DC variety.  JDM RHD Type R nevers gets old, especially one that is done up right!

I swear the ESR (Eat Sleep Race) is at every Honda Event I go to on the East Coast. Anyways I have seen the PY ITR over the years and it is always immaculate.

Honda Day this year was filled with quality builds that were found in the “main part” of the parking lot.  This EK Civic is a prime example of what goes on here in the North East.

I had to post this engine bay.  Fully shaved with a wire tuck, it always looks like it would not run, but it does and runs rather well.

Lots of vendors were on hand at Raceway Park.  A lot of quality parts on hand and available for purchase for the right price,  if you got the cash.

No legitimate Honda gathering is not complete without an NSX.  This interior is in excellent condition even with taking its age into consideration, seats look so inviting.

Exterior is adorned with Rio Yellow Pearl that shows its characteristics in the sunlight. A stock NSX is a great drive and how Honda engineered it to be.

I love seeing Hondas the sport rustless and undamaged quarter panels.  That is something that will never go out of style

Front mount with Mugen bumper and a TSX with CCW’s in the background = WIN !!!!!

We close out the post by saying that we finally had good weather this year.  For the past three years IIRC the weather has not been entirely cooperative.  Englishtown is always a good meet at the end of the summertime.  You MIGHT see us this year at ITR EXPO in Ohio next week so look out for updates and pics.   Keep It Flush will definitely be at Wek Fest on August 26th in NJ doing coverage and enjoying the day with the crew.





The OC Meet September 1st

Hosted by: Nick Terzo, Stephen Kyle Jdm Smedley 

If you went to our Middletown meets you got a little taste, last meet had about 700 cars but looking to get more! This is a legit meet,Rented out the whole park until 5:30 pm  for you all, you know the rules no burnouts,loud music,reving,security will be on sight,We will have Food, Awards, Raffles,Contest,vendors,Give Aways,aswell as Tricky Entertainment bumping music all day,come out and have a good time,Entry fee is 5$ per SHOW CAR, Spectator fee is 3$,Kids 10 and under are free, come out and have a good time,spread the word,Leave the drama at home! If your like us and have an Obsession w/ Cars come to OC meet…

***All Makes and models welcome aslong as its a clean car that people will actually admire, not your civic thats 5 colors or your corrolla with stickers,going to be a tight squeeze as it is and need as much room for the the nicer cars,we cant have room for cars that my mom would drive and ppl will wont even notice,we also will have a special spot for all the spectators and bikes to park,spot is LIMITED to bikes due to room for cars because it is a CAR MEET but we will have some room to show some love for the bikes, lifted trucks and jeeps, or a stock dodge ram with stack sorry not a truck show but more then welcome to spectate no hard feelings…..***

Elite Auto Works NY
Powder Werks NY
Nest Racing
Johnston’s Toyota
One Stop Auto

We have 30 spots for the cleanest And Flyest Cars, If you think your car has what it takes to make it message Nick Terzo with some pics of your car and all host will decide, deadline is Augest 15th to send your pics and you will be notified if you got a spot the 15th, Vip spots are same entry fee as other cars…

ADDRESS: 211 Rt-416, Campbell Hall, NY, 10916

If your uncertain about coming out Here’s a little video of last meet and will be nothing like this, this meet will be so much better and legit not a meet at parking lot,worth the ride up,upstate NY does it right too!


HONDA Day 2012 Englishtown

Join us for Honda Day 2012 at Englishtown NJ. We will be providing coverage all weekend of this annual Honda/Acura event.  Also Day One Motorsports will be debuting the RHD Milano Red DA with all motor K-Series power.