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EVENT COVERAGE: Honda Day 2012 Englishtown, NJ

Honda Day 2012 has come and gone with this event growing each year and more people sharing the passion for everything Honda.  Waking up and leaving at 1am has become the norm if you want to get a “prime spot” in the car show or whatever they call it these days.  I wanted to change things up this year and actually enjoy the event without being excessively tired, so I decided to enter the gates in the later afternoon. Reasoning being is that I am tired of waiting in line for countless hours in which I could be doing better things like sleeping, but also had prior obligations like doing the Warrior Dash event in Northern NY.

For the past six years, I have been driving my 06 S2000 each year to this event, unfortunately it didn’t make it out due to the catalytic converter taking a crap and breaking my o2 sensor in the process.  So cruising in the Nissan Altima while smoking a Montecristo I head down solo to meet up with the crew.

With it being difficult to contact everyone because of dead phones and no chargers, I was fortunate enough to run into a friend of mine Manny T with his RHD DA Integra.  I know this owner personally and it has taken him a long time to get to the point where he is now.  Car I would  say is 90% done with a little details to be addressed but the end result should be nothing short of perfection.

More Integras but of the DC variety.  JDM RHD Type R nevers gets old, especially one that is done up right!

I swear the ESR (Eat Sleep Race) is at every Honda Event I go to on the East Coast. Anyways I have seen the PY ITR over the years and it is always immaculate.

Honda Day this year was filled with quality builds that were found in the “main part” of the parking lot.  This EK Civic is a prime example of what goes on here in the North East.

I had to post this engine bay.  Fully shaved with a wire tuck, it always looks like it would not run, but it does and runs rather well.

Lots of vendors were on hand at Raceway Park.  A lot of quality parts on hand and available for purchase for the right price,  if you got the cash.

No legitimate Honda gathering is not complete without an NSX.  This interior is in excellent condition even with taking its age into consideration, seats look so inviting.

Exterior is adorned with Rio Yellow Pearl that shows its characteristics in the sunlight. A stock NSX is a great drive and how Honda engineered it to be.

I love seeing Hondas the sport rustless and undamaged quarter panels.  That is something that will never go out of style

Front mount with Mugen bumper and a TSX with CCW’s in the background = WIN !!!!!

We close out the post by saying that we finally had good weather this year.  For the past three years IIRC the weather has not been entirely cooperative.  Englishtown is always a good meet at the end of the summertime.  You MIGHT see us this year at ITR EXPO in Ohio next week so look out for updates and pics.   Keep It Flush will definitely be at Wek Fest on August 26th in NJ doing coverage and enjoying the day with the crew.





EVENT COVERAGE: H20 Ocean City, Maryland

UPDATE: We like to take this moment and apologize for lack of pics.  Our website had some issues with image storage and now everything is back to normal.  

With going to Import Alliance in Baltimore last weekend, Ocean City was our next stop for H20 International. This annual VW and Audi meet also attracts people with all makes and models of cars.  Cruising Coastal highway, you will find VIP style cars, with STI’s and EVOs.  H20 also attracts  the Honda crowd as well.  Illegal street races and the Ocean City police department pulling over cars seemed to fill the streets of Ocean City. Small gatherings of cars/meets and people outside their hotel rooms snapping rolling shots of passing cars barely clearing the ground was the norm for the weekend.

For the second year in a row the weather has been less than cooperative.  Rain and chance of thunderstorms threatened the event but the rain held off from the show until the late afternoon.  H20 was traditionally held at the Dover Downs racetrack, however the new site venue at a local school of some sort seemed to hold the crowds of people and cars quite well.

Heading down to Ocean City was kind of a last minute decision on my part. Being so tired from the long busy work week driving 5+ hours did not seem very motivating.  Some of our friends got down there on Friday with a hotel room and were persuading me to come down and experience the “scene” or whatever.  Having done a day trip last year and regret doing it, I packed my bags and left at 5pm Saturday afternoon for a solo drive down to Maryland.  Keep in mind that my front tires are shot and my original Honda battery from five years ago is on its way out, I packed up my stock wheel and jumper pack in the trunk just in case I had a problem during the trip.

During the weekend, I neglected to check the status of the camera battery and did not plug it in the night before the show. And you can guess what happened at H20, yep yep the battery died like 30min after we got there. So don’t hate on the lack of coverage of this event. SO here are the pics I snapped of some of the cars, ENJOY!!!

High Resolution Pics (CLICK CLICK)

EVENT COVERAGE: Honda Day 2011 Englishtown NJ


Honda Day is traditionally one of the biggest most anticipated events of the summer and for 2011, it’s two days long. Our resident photographer MPsarakis is currently on a month long vacation to a country where the time zone is seven hours ahead of ours (Yes the Keepitflush staff here is jealous). So I had to shoot this event all by my lonesome with a simple point and shoot instead of the standard issue DSLR Canon Rebel Xti so please excuse the quality.  Just like any major event, people travel from all parts of the country, even some as far as Tennessee, and Canada to see all commuter cars in one place (Don’t get offended I do own a Honda).  The weather held out for the entire duration of the event and I only caught in some rain while only 20 minutes from my house, I would like to add that I don’t have any wipers on my car so it was the longest 20 minute drive ever.




Honda Day 2011

Honda Day 2011 is a two day event for the first time ever. The location is at Raceway Park Englishtown NJ.  Come check back for event coverage of the most anticipated Honda Event of the summer.