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H2O 2012 Coverage !!!

When you think it’s time to put your car away for the season, you remember that H20i is hosted at the end of September. Ocean City Maryland hosts this event when this summer destination would be a ghost town.  If you think H2oi is just for the VW/Audi crowd, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  People with a variety of cars land here in Maryland for a weekend of looking at ridiculous cars and non-stop drinking and partying.   

Since 2010 this event was held in the last weekend of September, where the weather can be unpredictable and downright nasty.  2012 was no different, Weather on Friday night when most people got here, ruined the night’s local meets on 45th Street at OC Steamers.  People were forced back to their hotels, condos, local bars to do some well deserved drinking.

H2oi has gotten so popular that alot of people don’t even go the formal event which is held on Sunday.  People like to attend what happens over the weekend. There are meets everywhere that are held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just look on Facebook or ask around. If you never been to Ocean City for H2oi, you should plan for next year and this event is one of our favorites.



Keepitflush was bummed missing out on the Tennessee event, but luckily, we were able cruise down to Baltimore this past weekend. It was well worth the wait !!

A Properly Done BMW

With a racing heritage and long historical past, BMW has been an iconic symbol in the automotive world in which many manufacturers strive for. The distinctive “double-kidney” grill is one of the features that adorns every BMW that has rolled off the factory line since the introduction of the first “real” BMW the 303.

Ever since going to Waterfest 17 at Englishtown, we have had a European car fetish.  It is always good to drift away from the Japanese car scene for a while and see how others do things. It gives you a fresh perspective and maybe you can incorporate some of these styles into your own car/build.  You don’t have to send us an email telling us that we are featuring another E46, we just couldn’t help ourselves because this car is so immaculate in person we had to feature it.

This particular BMW can been seen cruising the streets of Orange County, NY  where its owner Rob Moskowitz resides.  This 3 Series is equipped with an Vorsteiner V-CSL front bumper, a functional static drop,  and a nice set of properly fitted wheels with no ridiculous stretch or camber. Every now and then when we shoot cars for features their are some cars with minor blemishes  such as door dings and wavy paint that is not picked up by the camera lens. For being a daily driver, this car is in excellent condition with no imperfections that where stated previously.

Our staff runs on 3 hours of sleep and lots of coffee so we can’t remember if this car is for sale.  However if you’re looking for a clean BMW that runs flawlessly shoot us a line and we will contact Rob M and ask him he’s looking to get rid of it.

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