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EVENT COVERAGE: East Coast Honda Meet Richmond, VA

Making the second trip down to Richmond Virginia for this annual event is always a good way to end the month of June.  We decided to do the coverage of this event in a different way and it will be a timeline of the course of events that took place over the weekend.

We decided to make our trip start on an early Friday morning where we met up on the Garden State Parkway NJ. A quick bathroom break and a fill-up we proceeded to begin our 7 hour journey down south to Virginia.

It wasn’t long before we ran into the long arm of the law.  Pulled over on the Garden State Parkway after only 30 minutes of driving.  A certain someone decided not to pull over with the rest of us and left the other two cars to fend for themselves.  Good thing the cop was cool, it could of turned out alot worse.

Our first stop of our journey was right before the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  We finally get out of New Jersey and head to Delaware but not before some food and gas.

One of the cooler temperatures of the day. Better make sure your a/c is working when you’re traveling long distances

The weekend called for the temperatures on the East Coast to exceed 100 degrees+ with humidity.  At least we were going to have good weather the only draw back is if we can actually go outside.

After 40 miles of traffic and a tired left leg from pushing in the clutch we arrive at our hotel for the weekend and it couldn’t have come soon enough.  Everyone was looking forward to relaxing and hanging out at the pool the rest of the evening.

Willy decided instead of sitting in traffic, he was going to ride the shoulder for a couple of miles.  The consequence was a nail and a screw in his tire.  Nothing that a tire plug kit couldn’t fix though.

The next morning we woke up to beautiful weather after an evening of torrential downpours and threats of hail.  Around 11:30 or so we finally arrive at the Richmond Raceway.  The location of this years event was critical on housing all of the attendees and cars.  It was very well organized and laid out.

After a couple of wrong turns we finally are on line waiting to get into ECHM. Poeple were getting impatient from the long lines and decided to walk around and hangout on the median.

Hondas from all states made their way to the raceway to check out all things Honda and to meet other enthusiasts.

A shot of our buddy Ryan’s JDM front end Integra.  Seeing this car reminds me of the days when I used to own one, until the day it got stolen while I was at work!

While taking pics I ran into these two gentlemen who thought I was a photographer for a major automotive publication, where they dead wrong.  Anyway very nice guys who just wanted me to snap a pic of them.

I had Shawn volunteer to drive my car while I had the duty to snap pics in the hot sun.  He turned up the a/c while waiting on line.

After months of planning and people taking off of work, we finally arrive to ECHM 2012!!@!.

An East Coast favorite that I always love to shoot. A modded TL that is scene at all major events like this one and Import Alliance.  Guessing he likes to travel as much as we do.

The NSX, one car that all Honda owners aspire to own one day.  This is a prime example of one that is kept in pristine condition.

After spending five plus hours baking in the hot sun, dinner, relaxation and some drinks was in order.

Vodkas from Pinnacle and Ciroc were called upon to ensure a good evening.

If you’re familiar with Honda Day at both Atco and Englishtown, Im sure you have heard this song coming from a couple of Hondas throughout the day.

Randomness ensues and Mr. Webb is caught on camera doings weird things with those California rolls.

1:30am came quick. and with a good buzz going and people getting hungry it was not a good idea to drive out and get food.  Pizza Hut was called to satisfy our hunger. We even waited in the lobby as not to miss the delivery.

If you haven’t noticed, we are based out of New York and Waffle Houses are few and far between.  We make it a tradition  as to visit one every time we attend ECHM and this year was no different.  You can’t go wrong with the “All-star” special or whatever it’s called.

There were alot of us eating at this small Waffle House so they spread us out so they can accommodate us.  Some Creeper shots never anyone.

Since we were in our final hour of leaving the State of Virginia, Miss Alexandria had a good idea to take a group photo.

Steve found a perfect candidate to shoot our memorable group picture outside the Waffle House.  This is Sheldon aka “jointsnshit”.  Thanks for the pic bro!

ECHM for this group was fun and memorable, we hope to do this again next year and hope you enjoyed our journey New York to Virginia.


EVENT COVERAGE: The Honda Day Mega Post

Honda Day 2011 went off without a hitch however, it has been a tradition for the past like two years to have it rain at the end of the day. For me personally, having Honda Day cancelled last week was surely a blessing in disguise. With having prior obligations on August 14th, making it to Honda Day was impossible so i was hoping it would be pushed to next Sunday, and it was!

Honda Day started for me at 2:45am on Sunday morning. With normal people still out or at least getting in from the bar, club, or party, Honda Enthusiasts are waking up at this time in order to get into Raceway Park. With all the intentions of going to bed early, it simply didn’t happen. Last minute car preparation and helping a friend fix her flat tire at a local shopping center kept me up most of the night which is not a bad thing by any means. Having my phone fully charged with a flurry of text messages and BBM’s is how i got my wake up call instead of my usual standard issue bedside clock.

With a cup of coffee in one hand and my camera in the other, I set out to meet some people on a Garden State Parkway rest stop scheduled for a 4:30am roll out to Honda Day 2011.  With over 30 or so cars at the rest stop and no one on the parkway at that time of night, we arrived at Exit 123 in record time.  A stop to the local Wawa was in order since with is less than a half a mile from the track, and we were greeted by many other enthusiasts with the same intentions as us of getting there early. Arrival to the gates of the racetrack was surely one to remember.  It’s still pitch black outside and there were hundreds of cars lining up for Honda Day already.  With over 2 hours to kill before the gates opened it was a time for people to catch up on some sleep or walk around check out some cars and talk to some people. Pretty sure I forgot some pictures so I will add as the day goes on.So now we present to you some pics of Honda Day!! Enjoy!

High Resolution Pictures (Click Click)

EVENT COVERAGE: Honda Day 2011 Englishtown NJ


Honda Day is traditionally one of the biggest most anticipated events of the summer and for 2011, it’s two days long. Our resident photographer MPsarakis is currently on a month long vacation to a country where the time zone is seven hours ahead of ours (Yes the Keepitflush staff here is jealous). So I had to shoot this event all by my lonesome with a simple point and shoot instead of the standard issue DSLR Canon Rebel Xti so please excuse the quality.  Just like any major event, people travel from all parts of the country, even some as far as Tennessee, and Canada to see all commuter cars in one place (Don’t get offended I do own a Honda).  The weather held out for the entire duration of the event and I only caught in some rain while only 20 minutes from my house, I would like to add that I don’t have any wipers on my car so it was the longest 20 minute drive ever.




Honda Day 2011

Honda Day 2011 is a two day event for the first time ever. The location is at Raceway Park Englishtown NJ.  Come check back for event coverage of the most anticipated Honda Event of the summer.