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Finding car enthusiasts  in this particular of New York is few and far between, and locating cars that are clean and thought out is almost non existent.   M. Biagini one of our good friends, is not brand loyal to say the least.  Jumping from Acura, BMW, Infiniti to this current MKIV Volkswagen.  What you see here today has come along way from what it was.  This car was pretty much rebuilt in less than six months. Originally taking storage in a body shop storage lot,  Biagini saw this as an opportunity to bring it back to its former glory.


I remember that day Biagini called me and asked my opinion of this car. Told him that I  remember the original owner having it and seeing it on a daily basis and if purchased, it would be a good platform to start off with.


This was pretty much the first rebuild of a car that Biagini has done. He had to source a new engine and bought every single OEM interior piece new.  Patience and time where critical especially when dealing with everyday life issues.


Being that this is his first VW, no electrical gremlins have make their way into this car just yet.  His future plans are maybe to sell it  and  get the Nissan 350Z he has always dreamed about.



EVENT COVERAGE: Honda Day 2012 Englishtown, NJ

Honda Day 2012 has come and gone with this event growing each year and more people sharing the passion for everything Honda.  Waking up and leaving at 1am has become the norm if you want to get a “prime spot” in the car show or whatever they call it these days.  I wanted to change things up this year and actually enjoy the event without being excessively tired, so I decided to enter the gates in the later afternoon. Reasoning being is that I am tired of waiting in line for countless hours in which I could be doing better things like sleeping, but also had prior obligations like doing the Warrior Dash event in Northern NY.

For the past six years, I have been driving my 06 S2000 each year to this event, unfortunately it didn’t make it out due to the catalytic converter taking a crap and breaking my o2 sensor in the process.  So cruising in the Nissan Altima while smoking a Montecristo I head down solo to meet up with the crew.

With it being difficult to contact everyone because of dead phones and no chargers, I was fortunate enough to run into a friend of mine Manny T with his RHD DA Integra.  I know this owner personally and it has taken him a long time to get to the point where he is now.  Car I would  say is 90% done with a little details to be addressed but the end result should be nothing short of perfection.

More Integras but of the DC variety.  JDM RHD Type R nevers gets old, especially one that is done up right!

I swear the ESR (Eat Sleep Race) is at every Honda Event I go to on the East Coast. Anyways I have seen the PY ITR over the years and it is always immaculate.

Honda Day this year was filled with quality builds that were found in the “main part” of the parking lot.  This EK Civic is a prime example of what goes on here in the North East.

I had to post this engine bay.  Fully shaved with a wire tuck, it always looks like it would not run, but it does and runs rather well.

Lots of vendors were on hand at Raceway Park.  A lot of quality parts on hand and available for purchase for the right price,  if you got the cash.

No legitimate Honda gathering is not complete without an NSX.  This interior is in excellent condition even with taking its age into consideration, seats look so inviting.

Exterior is adorned with Rio Yellow Pearl that shows its characteristics in the sunlight. A stock NSX is a great drive and how Honda engineered it to be.

I love seeing Hondas the sport rustless and undamaged quarter panels.  That is something that will never go out of style

Front mount with Mugen bumper and a TSX with CCW’s in the background = WIN !!!!!

We close out the post by saying that we finally had good weather this year.  For the past three years IIRC the weather has not been entirely cooperative.  Englishtown is always a good meet at the end of the summertime.  You MIGHT see us this year at ITR EXPO in Ohio next week so look out for updates and pics.   Keep It Flush will definitely be at Wek Fest on August 26th in NJ doing coverage and enjoying the day with the crew.




An Inside Look: Porsche Distribution and Training Center

The "Classroom" where technicians are taught basic maintenance procedures on this Turbo Cabrio

Ever wonder where Porsche parts come from? Here’s an inside look at the Porsche parts distribution and training facility

After a long hiatus KeepItFlush finally attends an event for 2012.  We have to admit, it is hard finding cars that are still operational in the winter months.  Every owner either does not want their cars to be out on this mild winter or their vehicles are being torn down and being “built” with a new setup for the spring/summer.  Regardless here is the first post of the new year and please check back frequently for new cars and projects that we have going on around our shop.

In the middle of a typical looking industrial park in Easton Pennsylvania lies a destination few P-car enthusiasts get to experience, The Porsche distribution center.  A building that is 130,000 square feet houses parts ranging from brand new engines to Porsche Design Clothing serves 84 dealerships in the North East United States.  Built around 2009 the building is nicely designed in typical Porsche fashion and also serves as a technical training center for Porsche technicians and sales personnel.

The PCA (Porsche Club of America) was hosting an event here at Porsche called “Tech Tactics” for its members and the intended purpose was to get PCA members together and educate people on a variety of topics such as new Porsche model information and technology, how to set up your car for track use, driver education, etc.

The morning started out in the lobby for breakfast and a member meet and greet.  The participants are from all parts of the North East who have various models of Porsche’s ranging from 914’s to Carrera GT’s.

Session where the New 991 technology is discussed

We were then broken up into smaller groups where seminars are held on various topics, the picture above shows the speaker debuting the newly redesigned Porsche 911 (991) and discusses the new technology and specifications.

Every person was allowed access to explore everything that was in the building.  Here is another training room that has motors on display that you can view in great detail.  They are obviously used here for training purposes.

The Panamera and 991 are on display in this room.  Porsche has graciously allowed its guests to sit and experience their models in great detail.  They even had staff on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

One of the tables that has some turbos on display and some micrometer that measures transmission tolerances of some sort.

The 991 on a Hunter Alignment rack.  The newly redesigned car also has a entirely new motor.  It resides under the small engine lid covered by two fans and the possibility for enthusiasts to tinker with the motor are close to non existent.

The afternoon consisted of a visit to the distribution side of Porsche. We had the opportunity to take an hour long tour of this facility.  Our first stop what the shipping and receiving area.  Parts are brought in by truckload from Germany by either air or sea. Failed warranty parts are also stored here to be later shipped off to Germany for analysis.

Porsche relies on efficiency and it shows in every aspect of the company.  This warehouse is laid out in a way that all fast moving parts like maintenance items (oil filters, engine belts, batteries) are strategically placed in the front of the building for easy access and slower moving parts like bumpers, fenders,etc are place toward the back of the building.  The picture above shows various nuts and bolts that are used to assemble various cars.

As we make our way through the warehouse,  this place resembles an IKEA or Sam’s Club.  The type of shelving and the way parts are laid out give it that image. In this aisle is where you will find your car accessories like floormats, gear shift knobs, and various interior plastic trim.

This semi blurry picture you are looking at a large box contains a 911 GT3 motor.  This facility has 26 different motors on hand that are either brand new or rebuilt in Germany.  So if you blow your motor, chances are it will come off these shelves.

Pallets and pallets of OEM batteries.  If you’re a Porsche owner and had a battery replaced under warranty, it came out of this building.

Getting to the end of the tour here are some shelves that have brake and coolant lines on them, and some exhaust parts.

Many Porsche’s were in attendance that day and was quite surprised due to the fact that the night before we experienced some inclement weather.  We are looking forward to a successful 2012 so check back for new cars, built threads, and event coverage

Jap + Euro = Neck Breakers

Before the winter ruins the good moods of everyone, I wanted to take this shoot of my friend Andy’s R32 & Brendan’s STI.

I would have to say these two cars are one of the nicest rides in Orange County!